The Color Gray


I am like the color gray.

I haven't always been in style.

But pairing me with vibrant colors

Has been around a little while.


When I am added to another,

They sometimes call it modern chic.

But when I’m near their color,

My gloom begins to wreak.


They put me with white,

But only note how dark I am.

They put me with black,

Then I feel like I'm stuck in a traffic jam.


They pair me with greens, pinks, and blues,

And it’s like they can’t see me.

I may be docile in their world,

But I only want to be free.


Who would want gray all by itself?

Alone I can't make anyone smile.

My bland essence will bring you down.

My appearance is not one that beguiles.


There is one color that I rather like 

A partner that brings out my best side

You make me feel so bright

And help me forget the tears I’ve cried


You are the soft yellow sun

You radiate a sense of glee.

Though you fit into any color scheme

You chose to fit with me.


You are surrounded by a golden hue.

You help me to keep  my head raised high.

But it's easy to force myself up,

When everything is fixed with one look into your eyes.  


I know that I may be just a trend,

And gray won't always be in style.

But you chose to fit with me,

And I would like it if you stayed a while.


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