The Color Of Ebony

In the dark,


Let's be happyLet’s celebrate the color of ebony, All the time, When the chime Sings the arrival of the season and the fest, And the farewell of the harvest. The black color is eternal, And the others are ephemeral. It is the color of the farms, Which gives rise to ferns, To pretty lilies, And to exotic roses. It is also the color of my country, And of all the other regions, which Are scattered throughout the world. Let’s celebrate this fertile color, Which nourishes the humanity. Let’s celebrate this deep color, Who knows how to keep her beauty. Let’s celebrate tonight, In the abyss of the night, The color of ebony, The flowers of all colors, And Mother Earth, the queen with divine finesse, The most ravishing goddess, who inspires greatnessHope and happiness.   Hebert Logerie

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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