Color of Change


United States
33° 34' 2.9964" N, 85° 8' 52.5696" W

"This one is from your little sister,"
said my mom as she handed over the gift -

The gift I bought at school that day.
The gift I spent all day thinking about.
I messed up.
I got the wrong color baby doll.
I know I did.
All the teachers looked at me weird.
Will she like it?
Will she be mad?
The school store had no more of the other color.
What if she hates it?
What if she hates me?
I hope she likes it...

I watched as she opened it.
She smiled for the camera,
and held up the black baby doll wearing blue.
But I could tell she did not like it.
Her face said it all.
My mom's face, dad's face...
Just like my teacher's expressions at school.
I knew it.
She does not like the color.

"I'm sorry", I said.
"They didn't have anymore pink ones."

I thought she would like the blue...


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