The Color Blue

Thu, 05/12/2016 - 20:50 -- egroves

“The Color ‘Blue’”

written for those of us who love something that doesn’t love back.


Blue sparkles under the sun and glares up into the clear sky.

The kind of warmth that angers the oceans,

or wakes the baby clouds up softly.

The sky desires.


My worn clothes are all blue, that clashes with black.

My little hands turn blue because the harsh cold turns them icy

because that is what Blue does.


Blue twists me like a contortionist, and

Blue makes

my heart feel more like a steam engine than a heart.

my body feel more like a frozen corpse than a body.

my head feel more like rushing water than a brain.

my life melt away than fused back together again.


Blue turns me inside out, and

Blue makes

my ears chime more like bells than ears.

my face smile even when it’s broken.

me shake with shivers even when it’s hot outside.

me think that there is nothing else I need in this world.

That this is forever.

That this is real.


Blue is a drug, and

withdrawal is the worst treatment.

Blue is falling in love while skydiving into a brick wall.

I see blue.

I see blue just like the sky or sea is on a bright day

because that is what Blue does.


Blue is sad, and

it is the color that depression spirals downward.

I wish I could be one of the more beautiful colors.

The color of my undying tears.

My broken heart is crushed under my blueish veins.


Blue is handing my battered heart to a criminal.

Blue is healing my wounds with a band-aid then ripping that off too.

Blue is loving something so much, but having that something give up on me.

Blue is the color of not good enough, never good enough.

Because blue is perfect,

but not perfect for me.


The color of eyes that sparkle like jewels.

That stare at me.

Blue is looking away from something I shouldn’t be looking away from.

Blue is the person I can’t live without, but who already lives without me.

The color of love.



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It's very ironic I just finished writing a poem called blue about a girls eyes who I once loved, and then I stumbled upon this... Beautiful work

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