Color Blind

All I need?

All I need is color.


My life like a prism, not a prison.

And if I knew the orginal color,

that'd be rad.

But im color blind.


Dead eyed, not dead inside.

I go in art class.




But when I see,

Not all grey,

but someday's 

Like sundays,

I start to think about what color represents in my mind,

it's like a design of art, and creativity.

It seems to me,


that art and color are one in the same, and without color

art would be a shame.


Without color, I couldn't live.


Because the ones I can see.


Mean so much to me.

And without color, I wouldn't make it. 

It'd make my mind go blank.

Everything shifting to grey.

Just another face in the crowd.


Without color, or shade, I'd never be able to live.



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