Color Blind

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 01:13 -- Dijon14


The color of one’s skin: brown, tan, light or dark

What does it say to the world?

It should say nothing

But in the real world

That’s the exact opposite.

Fabricating imaginary building blocks

That if you’re lighter

Then everything is going to be brighter.

Leading to self-loving vanity while staring in the vanity,

Filling one’s head with more hot air bigger than Kanye West’s ego.

But isn’t it ignorant to stereotype?

They say ignorance is bliss

Then we all must be blissfully ignorant

Fighting an imaginary battle

Rather than fighting a common enemy

We would rather invest in pigment against pigment.

Which will ultimately lead to our decimation

Rather than focusing on the unity of the community

One can only imagine the fluidity of such a human unity.

Like the human genome there is a code to life

Eating, breathing, procreating, and dying.

Focusing on more commonalities

Can lead to a unionizing of all nationalities,

Easier said than done and that’s understood

But like a baby fawn it takes a lot of missteps before one actually makes it first step.

We all live to die,

Or are dying to live

Bullets will pierce the flesh

 Words will pierce the mind

If they were both to take a bullet

 One hue or another

We both die, does that leave any clue

That this color thing is past due?

When Picasso painted some of his best pieces there was no discrimination of hues

He dipped and dabbed in all colors to paint a vivid picture!

Rather than oppress

Why don’t we lend a hand to new success?

So much brain power is wasted on loathing others that are different

Which could be used for appreciating

A beautiful creature known as mankind.

Exactly as the word states there is only one kind


On this planet we’re literally one of a kind,

That plays an integral role for the planet

But like the discovery of the atom

We are just a piece to the overall picture

So who stands in our way?

One wouldn’t think that people are their own enemy,

Because that sounds like a moronic statement

A moronic statement that bares all,

Like a babies bottom lies the naked truth

That’s been patched up like a ripped pair of corduroys.

With fake smiles and deceitful handshakes

More beguiling than a debate about life after death,

Promoting the love of one another

While plotting and planning the next move

To assassinate the mere thought of accepting the unification

Of the multicultural planet in which we call home.

That’s because of the little devil

 Something that humans have trouble accepting, fear of the unknown,

The fear of what the world would be like if race didn’t divide us.

Instead it will do the exact opposite and build us stronger than ever.

Like a roaring locomotive, it takes different parts to make it a whole

 And once there all working together, one can truly enjoy the ride.

We can’t let fear consume the mind

It will leave us in the dark

Left with just nothing but us and father time

And father time waits for no one.

As soon as we accept life we accept death

So lets’ die as one

As brothers and sisters as a whole!

Just lend me your hands and we can take a leap of faith

Into the darkness to find the light

With that one leap it will give

Power to the people

Not to be mistaken as a bogus campaign slogan

But the actuality of a reality that comes without any kind of salary.


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