The Color Black

The color Black

Black is used to describe the color of my skin

Black is an ominous color

It represents the sign of death and sadness

Black can be a color that when used can be a sign of madness

At a funeral observe the people dressed in ebony crowded around a casket void of life and full of death

Tears as clear as crystals, pouring down their faces

Black is not a color to be messed with

Black can be evil and no good

Black is the color of the night, full of danger, schemes, and chaos

Just seeing the color will make you fill with hopelessness and dread

Creating a sense of void, something that you cannot escape

But wait! Black can also be good

Black can be a sense of fashion and a sense of style

Black is not only ominous but beautiful

When combined with other colors black is power

Black is a color that is not only dark but important

It represents days that were hard and it represents the color


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