The sun setting on the sea;

Blues and greens, reds and yellows   Reflect on the water; For the lone boat at sea   Two men watching; Eyes wide, beauty in the making   The gentle bobbing of the boat; Humming the men asleep The past comes to mind; No other thought to find   A raging storm with no mercy; The waves tossing them around   Herds of men flocking; Pulling rope, bailing out water   Thunder cracking; Lighting striking   Those overboard are frozen; Others pulled into the deep   Moon high above in the night; Seeing the havoc that has been raised   Two survivors left; On their own small boat   The sun rising over the waves; Telling the end of that night   Colors on the water bleeding; Such a magnificent sight   To live another day; To survive through the night   Bodies all gone from their vision; The only company each other   Sun beating down; Searing their skin   Birds cawing loud; Circling from above   Sharks swimming around; Looking for a munch   No water to drink; Slowly going mad   No food to eat; Stomachs making sounds   Relief soon to be found; The sun going down   Bleeding water, but not the sun; Two becoming one   The water runs red; with the life of another   

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Our world


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