Sat, 08/30/2014 - 20:39 -- Keyah H


How are we suppose to speak out for what's right

When it seems as if to peacefully protest is denied

So we haven't had the right?


To see past color was a dream

A vision past down by a king

But how color blinded are we ?


Maybe you say we come a ways

To being judged by the color of our skin

But how is it that people can not contain the power 

Of a position they've been placed in.


Battered and beaten a mother's heart

Will remain broken

Her most precious gift stolen

Future for the black young man is hopeless

He was only armed with a future

Now that is gone.


Looking at today's society 

Can we say this is progression

Rage for the lives lost

Anger embodies our emotions

But what did our ancestors strong for?


Smashing windows isnt going to bring breathe to a body

Tear gas isn't calming

I was taught to wrongs will not ever make a situation right !


A Black woman bares a male child

And will find it hard to sleep for the rest of the Childs life

Statistics show two black men will dies each week

By the hands of police unarmed

That means a lot of families are at harm.



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