Colonized Body. Free Spirt

While dreaming of sweet lemonade and louisiana breezes

you emerged
chocolate covered with vanilla rain drops

sliding satin against skin
you sat next me

your chocolate slide from your fingertips onto your skin

preparing vanilla drops to fill and spill from your tip
I lay asleep as my backside derived you pleasure
as your face tightened and your hands brought noises to your lips
I dreamed of cool lemonade and summer breezes
as your knees croched and you climbed on my backside
I dreamed of green swamps and lifeless eyes
as your chocolate began to paint my skin and your vanilla rain drops slide on my back
I dreamed of negro hyms singing behind tight lips and heavy breathing
as your fingers uncovered whip lashes and bruises left behind on my behind
I dreamed of  Navajo drum calls and ceremonies uprooted and transplanted onto foreign terrioty

Cousin, you laid claim to me and moved west with your tip
your rough skin burned trails onto my thighs

your hands molded skin fighting to remain lifeless and limp
yet reality invaded clouds of pleasure and shackled me to darkness
chocolate became dirt
vanilla liquid covered red

Jeremy, I dreamed of you

satin against skin, you  lay on top of me
I lay stiff as you derived pleasure from my depravation
I struggled backwards as your fingers tightened
sweet noises turned grunts whispered against my ears
The  sound of horns as the king comes as you came, coming to stake claim, you claimed my sexuality


I lay awake as your chocolate ran free  and your vanilla raindrops spilled marking me

ashaming me
I slip back into my dreams, haunted


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