Colonia's Chorus

Each day-
there's birdsong
( which is nice)
and with time
I've grown used to
the grunting of hogs
as they slurp their slop,
stinking and abuzz
with swarming flies.
But there's also barking
and the periodic
of many roosters.
Yes, the colonia
has its chorus-
the chirp of a lone cricket,
a far away
And a spotted frog
that sits in the outhouse,
signaling scarce, precious rain.
And a runt pup
I'm fattening up
on Spam.
There are all these
and not much else-
just monotony
and aggravation,
and desperation
and the stark awareness
that the
not for the weak...
and lately,
there's my thoughts;
" It's time for a change."
It sounds like a politician's
campaign slogan
but isn't-
mere dreams
dried- up, though clung to.
There's this,
the struggle of life
in a shantytown-
cardboard houses
and garbage burning...
But there's the marvel
that just over
that distant, grey hill
is Sunland Park, New Mexico;
with it's casino
and shopping malls,
grocery stores and buffets
and swimming pools
with cool, clean

This poem is about: 
My community


Annette M Velasquez

This was written years ago, when I lived among the Tarahumara Indians in Western Ciudad Juárez, México. A colonia is a shantytown... During these present difficult times, as much hardship as we are going through in the United States, I think of those in the Third World, who are likely starving and living under unimaginable circumstances... little water, no sanitation, no financial aid etc. I can only pray for them, with heavy heart...

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