College Track 101



I’m look- look- looking towards my big future

Trying to figure out what life is gonna trigger

Let go and Let God;

 Sit back and enjoy the show

Live in the moment and don’t let it go.


Sit back and observe how I think and what I do

Try to learn something new

I’m gonna take you back to school.


They can’t tie me down

I can’t be tamed


I claim in Jesus name!


No time for raaaaatchedness

Oooh...  that’s a shame

“Ain’t nobody got time for that”

Education’s my fame…


Nyree’s spiritual content is on the next level


 Keeping my grades up;

I’m a rebel


My mind is taking me to school

Bus driver;

Where’s your marshmallows?

I’m on fire…


Taking  scholarships by storm

From region to region

I’m memorizing my school work

In the morning I pledge allegiance-

To God

Yes, he gets all the glory

I’m gonna make it to college

There’s no end to my story...


WHOOOAH- My life can be crazy

Like a rollercoaster

And then I POP out

Won’t be dead in the toaster.


I’m gonna do it big

They’ll call me Mrs. Kong

I’ll shine bright…

Who cut the lines on?


Yeah, sometimes I have fear

Even shed a tear

But my God won’t leave me hanging

Like a chandelier.


My family is in my corner...


I gotta do it for them

No time for dilly-dally!


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