College summed Up!


When time is at a rush, no time to crunch

I should have studied nights before I hit the door,

door to the class wow how time past,

it was just yesterday the assignment was thrown my way, 

or was  it last Saturday?

Oh My goodness or should i say OMG

My struggles through my Matriculation here has been a ride.

Through the positives and negatives IM still managing to thrive,

Never letting myself commit to a fixed mind

all i can say is what a ride!

The Days have past and time has seem to slip away, It is my last Year 

I am a Senior HURRAY!

My tears I must Hold for I am reaching my Goal, 

The accomplishment of this Degree What a Treat!

As i look at all the things in the past I might have changed a few but the rest ill past,

IM happy I never let anything Get in my way For this year is the Year 


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