College Obsession

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 20:21 -- Moni1x

This infatuation,

Causes me nothing but utter frustration.

I've never actually talked to you,

And I think a conversation is long over due.

But when I see you walking around capmus,

Words cease to exist and I'm nothing but anxious.

Locs, dark, and you're tall,

I can't help but want to give you my all.

I don't understand how I'm on the edge of obsession,

But I just want you in my possession.

A few seconds with you would be a blessing,

Just a conversation would be refreshing.

But I don't even know if you've ever even noticed me,

Even if it was just briefly.

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Moni1X, what an impressive piece of work. I started to visualize you looking at this person and campus and thinking about the conversation you two would have. That's what writing is suppose to do; it's suppose to take the reader some where. You did just that. Good job.

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