College isn't for everyone


12 years wasted.
Living in hell. A cell. Because an education could pay my bail, that never stopped me.
I wish I had the means back then to leave, but school or not, I'm exactly where I'd be.
Tryingto make music peddling in the streets.
Trying to be a chef, but folks don't want to believe.
They say people like me don't dream, because we don't sleep.
We'll spend our lives on the streets because that's our reality.
It's like they forcefed me, all this useless B.S.

Like an A on a test, would stop an arrest.
or would stop a crime, or would stop the lies.
I was caught with my friends. Wrong place, wrong time.

I've gone off track so I pack my bags and get off the map, and get out this trap.

I caught myself just jumping, hopping, place to place with no chase.

'cause no one, wants to see my face.

Teachers always said that I'm just like dad, well are you glad? 
Another lost cause in the bag, with my face in your yearbook staring you down.

Well look at me now. I'm not clowning around.
I've got work to do. I've got moves to make, and I won't get there with a 4 year wait.
To be great- I was told you have to grab it to have it. So I'm gonna grab it to have it.
Can you follow my madness?

And I'd say this all to you if you'd take the time to listen.
But to say it to you now would be 12 years of repetition.


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