College Bound


I think sometimes if I will actually graduate college in five years.

I see myself in the future like the color orange, sometimes it is bright and sometimes it is dark.

With my hands, I will grab my diploma and shake the principal's hand at graduation.

I am like a puppy, happy to go to a new home but sad to leave my old one.

The excitement I will feel at graduation will all change when the time to leave to college comes because I will be on my own.

I will face the challenge of being alone.

When I wear my cap and gown I know it will be the first step in making my parents proud.

I wish to be a great example and role model for my little sister.

I am like a bird, ready to spread my wings.

I will strive to be sincere, supportive, and successful.

I am determined, motivated, and ready to make that happen.

I rather look forward to the smell of my mother's cooking in the mornings, instead of hearing an obnoxious alarm next to my bed.

I cannot wait for graduation!

I remember when I thought high school would not go by this quick.

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