Stay here, Stay here,

stay close. or go far.

You’re still too young You’re old enough

to be out on your own. to handle your own.

(Frets my mother) (Says my father)


You’ll be back home in a week, You’ll stay, it’s expensive,

you’ll be robbed, you’ll learn self defense,

you’ll get sick, you’ll go to a hospital,

you’ll starve, you’ll get a job,

you’ll fail. you’ll study.

(She worries again) (He dismisses)


It will be a smack in the face, Life is always too quick and rough,

reality’s too quick. you should learn that for yourself.

You need eased in, I won’t always be there

here, I’ll hold your hand. to hold your hand.

(My mother says) (My father tells)


Go far, or stay near,

it will be okay.

You have to learn,

both school and life.

There will be mistakes,

but we will be here.

For a hand to hold,

or a push to inspire.



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