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When college isn’t for you do you just run away and quit

Do you go to your dorm and throw a fit

Do you call that special someone?

Do you rely on your parents to help and support you?

Or do you just try and forget

Do you forget by getting drunk and going out?

Do you go on great adventures that go into the next day?

Or do you try and find love without making love

When you go to college and realize that you want to call quits

That starting after graduation didn’t really fit

Do you blame your parents who just wanted to see you make it?

Or do you blame society that pressures you to go because if you don’t you can’t make it

When you go to college and realize you need to call quits

Because college and high school are the same with all the labels and boul-shit

You are talked about and told you’re a waste of time

You are talked about and told you are a dime

But if you are a dime then society wants you to be a hoar

Society doesn’t want to make you wait till marriage

Society doesn’t want to accept your rules because the rules have been set in stone

And although the real rules that were set in stone were broken

The new rules cannot be

Wrapped in all things unbreakable

They make you break

 They make your heart ache and your chest begins to burn

They make your head hurt and they make you want to run

Your eyes filled with fear because you cannot conform

You see differently so others judge

You say you don’t care but don’t we all

All locked up in misery and trying to fly

And experience life while passing standards

But it’s hard.

At the end of the day when you are sober and aware it’s hard

Those who did it I give an applause but for me not knowing

Is just failing it all

When a plan is made then everything is alright

But when confusion hits then disaster will strike

It strikes in your family when you run away to grow up on your own

You avoid the elephant but it always seems to come up

Once upon a time a daddy’s girl but now you’re no ones girl

You know your worth and wish others would realize theirs but the truth is scary

Especially when it’s in every corner staring at you

Waiting to be accepted

Never to be denied


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Our world
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