Cold Years

Actions Speak Louder Then You Know

Boys stand around looking at me as if I was a frail dog.

I was laying there surrounding the thoughts that I couldn’t speak.

My gloomy tears shed from my face as they fell from the vase.

My face was the frozen utensils by the words, “I like you” that I delivered to my crush.

A corpse defined me for the next 3 years.

Cold,  nowhere to go with nothing to say or do.

Round dark circles slept around my eyes; dark and heavy weigh on me like casket.

All I can do was mourn as the repeating words escaped my tears.

Salty tears ran down my face not bothering to turn the other way.

His actions inspired me to be a sharp and outgoing person.

I spoke with a furious tone, in myself I felt proud that I was doing something right.

A brand new person came out of me and she was strong from days on.

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