Cold World

Sun, 11/17/2013 - 19:04 -- Avier_


Why does it seem that the world is so naive ?
Sittin back and looking around feeling so deceived
Brought up worring about doing my best
But turning around and only thinking about the rest
I've always been told what to do
But yet never knew

What the future had in store for my own
Because from what I see everything is still unknown
School, college, career
Everything just seem so unfair

But I remembered, dont always look at the negatives
But yet pull out the parts that are positives
May the world be so cold
But look at it as old

Take all the bad issues in all ranges
And make changes
Dont sit back and hesitate
But yet help make it dissipate

Stop making up all these excuses

Yet the world may be so cold
But let not put your future on hold
Your future is in your hand
So now its time to take a stand


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