Cold World

It bothers me that there's empty trash cans

And trash covered streets

People sleeping on warm beds with clean sheets

When other people are trying to fall asleep

With no pillow on cold hard concrete

Yet people still manage to complain

When they have food in their stomach

And a roof over their head

When other people are trying wake their parents up

Only to find out their dead

Drugs took over the youth

And left them hollow walking around with no souls

Empty pockets gets them stealing wallets

And turns the people who get burnt cold

I'm getting tired and this shits getting old

We all came from the same place

The same Earth but we separate by race

And still find ways to spread hate and discriminate

We should focus on the ways we can relate

And work together as one in unity

We can create a world that's new to be

But maybe that's just the vision in my head only for me to see

I wish it was that easy to just be there for each other

Help each other out and treat your fellow man as a brother

All this curruption is breaking us and tearing us apart

We forget to stop and realize every person bleeds and has a heart

We all get hungry and feel pain

So instead of hurting each other

Let's piece together what remains


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