Cold Water

Dirty, dusty, and a mess,

juice is spilled all over my dress.

Rushing to clean from here to there,

I have no fresh clothes to wear.

My stepmother walks all over me;

home is more of a scheme.

Sisters that cry and yell,

calling for me with an iron bell.

Songs chirp from the birds,

leaving me with peaceful words.

Mice dance all around my feet,

squeaking how they want a treat.

Nature’s tones are interrupted

because the witch has erupted.

As I hear the cursing screams,

I know that it’s extreme.

The royal carriage has arrived

as my stepsisters are revived.

Rushing down the wooden steps,

waiting to hear what is next.

The most handsome man in the land,

is looking for a woman’s hand.

Excitement bursts through our home,

while they insist I stay alone.

Arguing with no resist,

I know that I won’t be missed.

Fighting back against my will,

I could feel the pain of a quill.


Dressing up to be princesses,

ready to change their names in the indexes.

Still begging and imploring I plead my case,

but they give me the littlest of grace.

Tying the bows on their dresses,

the thought of leaving still presses.

Ready to go tied up in lace,

I am stuck with my disgrace.

They leave the door open as they prance,

stirring for that special dance.

I close the door with all my might,

knowing that I have nothing left to fight.

My life will always be the same,

living in awful vain.

Change is not ahead of me,

my life was never filled with glee.

My feet feel cold against the stones

as chills run up my skinny bones.

Wind blows through my frazzled hair,

temping with the winter air.

Blackness fills my emotionless mind,

telling me I’m out of time.

Walking towards the icy gray lake,

I could feel my body begin to shake.

Waiting without frustration,

growing inside of me was temptation.

All thoughts began to settle,

falling like a winter petal.

Butterflies crawl up my chest,

giving me a thankful rest.

Under all of the pressure,

I just need a refresher.

If there is one thing that I was taught,

it would be a thankful thought.

Fire and anger are the best motivators;

the proof is written all over this paper.

Trying to give life a second glance,

I knew that I would have no chance.

Only once you get to live;

all you have to do is give.

Goodbyes are always hard to say,

but I knew there would come a day.

I can be all on my own,

as I leave the waters with a peaceful groan.

Bubbles thick as a cloud;

I hope my father is still proud.

Never will I find the one,

it’s sad to think that I am done.

Pushing back with forceful pressure,

I'm away from my aggressor.

Red turns to sober blue,

as the heavens take my final cue.



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