Cold Turkey from Beautiful

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 15:34 -- izaz67


United States
32° 12' 59.6412" N, 110° 49' 10.3044" W

Take care,
Here, take mine
I could afford to misplace it for the now.
Tick tock,
Youth is slipping over mind and through matter
Evaporating and subliming to form the stars on your palm
Fingertips warm as you blow a kiss to those memories
A peaceful goodbye from the warmest part of this body…
—But we don’t want you anymore!

Be careful, be warned:
Eating is wrong, you know, in this physical prison
With the lying half of the room screaming for an audience:
Hear ye, hear me;
That precipice is meant for balancing—
Our worldly test, administered daily.
No one is fit to visit the bottom—
—Unexpected slip, drip
Slide your tears off into their invisibility.
There is ice underneath.


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