Cold Pizza

Cold Pizza

My pizza, so precious and delicious,

The flavor that ignites me with hope and optimism

The warmth that comforts and soothes my roaring hunger

Just by thinking about it filled me with enlightenment

Would I reach Nirvana?

Was I in heaven?

The pizza that could abolish all malevolence from the world

Was placed before me, almost daunting

Power dripped from my mouth, fear augmented within me

The initial hope and content I had felt slowly dwindled

Someone had touched my pizza

The pizza, once warm, was cold and desolate

Everything was meaningless now


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Our world
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best pizza poem ever.  10/10 would read again . I love!!!

Kary Cabrera

It's so interesting how food can unlock a person's writing potential!

Brandon C.

Didnt see that twist at the end. 50/20 defenetly the best poem about pizza that will ever exist!!

Kary Cabrera

Thanks! I wanted to try something different and stray away from using jokes as the source of comedy. Instead, I wanted to create humor from confusion and realization. 


This is the deepest thing about pizza that I have ever read. I didn't think that this was possible.

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