Cold Hearted


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Sitting at home on a cold December night,
Thinking of the person who I truly like.
In a committed relationship but there's no hope at all,
Constantly thinking could she be my downfall.
Suddenly in love with a minor connection,
Surrounded with thoughts and need a major suggestion.
Through a dark history of agonizing pain,
Constant rage and oncoming rain.
The pain is like a knife and it cut deep,
Still how can I think if my body is too weak?
Hatred from my relatives, to thinking what my motives is.
Made a promise that I'll always love her,
Although our love can't go any further.
No hope, no trust, no communication. Lies.
That paints a perfect picture in disquise.
Problems after problems they come nonstop,
I'm going to be the same until my heart stop.
Relatives trying to tell me what to do,
Never the less they don't have a clue.
Follow your heart was what I was told,
How knowing that my heart is becoming cold?
Left cold hearted with no trust,
I have a need for a new love but what's the rush?
I will make a promise that my new love will be my best friend,
But for now I will give my life to God and follow his words till the end.

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This poem was great! And the rhyme doesn't take away from what you had to say. I would love to give you more feed back. Curious though, what exactly was going on, if you don't mind me asking?



This was a poem that I came up with in my English class. The assignment was about creating a poem that reflects on minders day relationships. So, I just wrote down everything that came to mind and came up with the poem "Cold Hearted".

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