Cold Coffee


I love coffee stained breath in the morning.

A fresh start to the beginning of your ever busy day.

It is one of my favorite 

honest moments.

You used to be that extra scoop of sugar

but now, you taste more bitter than the 

black silk Folger's I so desperately try to 


I was sick of drinking cold coffee

that matched the color of your heart

so I poured it out.

Watched it snake its way down the

drain, waster.

I've been looking for a new

coffee creamer.

Something to satisfy my taste buds

and awaken my sleeping soul.

Something that I wouldn't mind

mixing into my coffee

every morning.

Now, I brew my own pot.

I sweeten it myself 

using milk and sugar.

I don't need creamer.

I don't need yur extra scoop of sugar,

but I still love coffee stained breath

in the mornings.



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