Coffee, Tea?


United States
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Coffee or Tea?
Well, what will it be,
Because the decision is left up to me.

My friend across the table ordered Tea.
And for him, Tea it will be.
But my decision is left up to me.

Types of coffee, types of tea.
Each one has a reason and way it became to be,
But it doesn't really matter to me.

Because my decision remains, Coffee or Tea?

The tapping of a foot from my friend across from me
As he grows impatient for what it will be,
Because I can’t decide! Coffee or Tea?

The waiter is getting annoyed with me
As I rub my temples, why they can’t see
That this is a tough decision, coffee or tea?

My friend decides I will have tea
And tells the waiter what it will be,
But all of a sudden, I desire coffee.

Because the choice was no longer mine.


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