Coffee Shop and the Caramel Blues


The smell of roasted beans

The feel of intelligent beings 

The brown and gold colors that shift

The taste of the Roubious and Latte gifts

The powerful touch of human emotions

The level of communication and junctions

The coffee shop is the place where the people are

The coffee shop where no one is bizzare

The coffee shop the place to meet

The coffee shop is so sweet

The coffee shop where caramel and chocolate drizzles

The coffee shop where a hot drink fizzles 

The music full of blues and jazzy

The place where everything is classey

The place for every mug 

The middle of the Hub 

The perfect place for cold weather sniffles

The palace for post student dissmissals

The coffee shop of treats and goodies

The coffee shop, to unite with your buddies

The coffee shop with a beautiful arom

The coffee shop, lounging on a sofa 

The coffee shop wih all the flavor

The coffee shop, make sure you always stop and savor












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