lately my spirit's been black

like the coffee i drink to stay awake

but id rather be asleep

cause thats the time when my reality seems to seize 


but they need me awake 

so i use caffine

to keep from staring at the insides of my eyelids

to see whats going on around me


him with her

dad in a courtroom

mom with her finger in my face

she's screaming


I dont want to see

so now im staring at a black screen 

'cause when i escape

its not  to a place


its back to coffee

she's still screaming 

she's not understanding

not of the fact that ive made a few wrong turns 


but have i really 

how did i predict my destination

because im exactly where im supossed to be

see she's confused


because our maps are marked differently

see hers is for her

and mine is for me

im in the street


waiting for a ghostly figure to cross the road

it moves slowly 

like it has no destination 

or party to meet 


like it doesnt know east from west

or maybe its just a lack of caffine

either way its gotta hurry

'cause i have places to be


so i honk once 

no response

twice, three times

before it notices me 


im shooting off an evil glare 

but my expression sinks to see

that the face of the man in the road 

belongs to me


he is me with no caffine

he is worse than i ever beleived 

and for the slightest of moments i wonder 

if thats what my mother wanted of me


but his desperation reeks

so i hit the gas and go for more coffee

because although my spirit is black

my desire to be happy 


burns hotter than the steem 

than any cup of coffee can release


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