Coco's Story

"Hard cold stone, sleeping all alone.
Never knowing love or care, hatred meets me everywhere
A kick, a smack, a lash on the back
Never is there food, not even a snack
I don't understand
What is the purpose of a hand?
If not to cause pain.
What is love?
How can it exist?
How can it be out there when I'm stuck in a place like this?
Why, who is that?
She says she wants a cat.
The man is going out the door, she picks me up right off the floor!
She takes me to her home, a marvelous home!
A home unlike any home that I've ever known!
She feeds me all these treats, delectable meats.
And suddenly, I know what being full feels like.
But now, she's coming towards me, puts her hand on my back
I brace myself to feel the pain, to hear the crack.
But it never comes!
All these words.....
Petting, care, happiness, content...... and love.
Yes, especially love.
I understand them now!
I wait for it to go away,
The man will surely come back any day!
But he doesn't.
No more empty bellys, no more kicks or smacks!
Just this loving lady with her hand on my back!"
This was an excerpt from the thoughts of a young kitten named Coco. Not every animals story is like Coco's. Millions of animals are subject to animal cruelty. Help stop animal cruelty. Every animal deserves to know love.


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