Cloud Poem

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 08:11 -- kcope14

Cloud Poem


The beauty and whimsy of nature’s irony

we lay on our backs on this sunflower dotted hill

the pond next to us smells of fresh spring and

the sounds invoke the very fabric of the air.

The clouds morph into  reality and myth

neither being truly clear to the viewer.

The imagination traces with a paintbrush

full of every color of the rainbow.


See the airplane nosediving

on a collision with our minds,

I blink, the scene changes to a

dragon flying parallel to a flower

the flames burning the pedals

They fall she loves me, she dosen’t


A waterfall appears washing the ground

it brings life from the top and sturs

with the foaming love between us.

We turn to see each other

our faces tell a life of travel.


We lean in for the finale

my arms curl around you

our kiss captured by the frame of

a cloud of hearts, mine is filled

joy beyond all things nothing is

more apparent than this.


Your eyes reflect the sun

but your glare is brighter than a thousand

a shooting star, wish for more time with you

there is never enough but the clouds fade

leaving the moon to bask in your presence

the stars are our umbrella of light


We listen to the crickets now

upon this hill, never ceasing

their sound brings goosebumps

the aroma of roses off your lips

brings me into you once more.



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