Is the closet really safe?

Is the closet really safe?

Or was it meant to be fake

    Played with like a heart

              Who will soon be torn apart

See,but people don't realize this

That the closet is safe as is

Nobody knows your secret

Just you and your own

You try to keep it swiss

And not out there like provalone 

           You becon back and forth "Will my family know?

Good chance is, mom knew before you did

She said "It was a day that was cold,on the ground with snow"
You looked confused. I told you mom knows

You think back to the closet

Was it really safe?

Or is it better than being in orlando, dead with more than 48

"That's just them", "That ain't me"

Yet you fail to see that YOU hold the key

See you have something, that some cannot use

Your voice is the weapon, to deactivate the fuse

The fuse of gay bashing,prejuduce,and denied rights
To end this nonsense take a step

To use your win the fight

That one step, is a step for many

It will not be easy, I promise you it won't

But once you do,you'll lead an army thats uncanny

So are you going to take that step? 

Or sit there and be a compisite?

          Or will you lead that army? Of the ones who are in the closet

YOU hold the power! And YOU hold the key!

Don't just sit back, and watch the kiki.


Change the world, that step will be chafe

Now answer this my friend. 

Is the closet really safe?





This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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