"The closet"

  Its funny how when people look at me and they see me…They don't see meBecause I am not me I haven't been me in a long time…I hide in the closet where it’s nice and safeJust because i’m in a closet doesn't mean i’m gayI'm gay because I like guysWho coined that phrase “In the closet”What's so bad about being in a closetIt's just a place to hang my clothes i guess being in the closet Is appropriate Because that's where you hang things I guess it's an appropriate name because %95 of transgender adults will attempt to hang themselvesI guess it is appropriate because the closet is storage for unwanted memories the things we don't want to look at the things we are afraid of I was told at a young age that the closet is where you hang clothes at young age I was told that's where the boogie man hidesLittle did I know Little could I believe I was the boogie man Creating fear of myself and forcing it on othersCalling classmates words I did not understandQueer,homosexual,gayLittle did I know my hatred was love for a guy I never knew I could love.The closet became shelter, but in all reality a echo chamber of my own creation After I stepped out of the closet I learned it can be sweet as candy on a Friday afternoon Beautiful as sunset that engulfs time Who coined that phrase “In the closet”Who ever yonder may be I hope they understand the pain they create every day for coining that phrase Because my closet is fabulous with, skin tight jeans, kicken kicks, shirts so fly I don't have to walk to school.Memories that stand the test of time storage for the good and the bad.Although my boogie man isn't the babadook he's pretty babashook by who I actually am    

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