Oh, I cry so loud at night 
So, that you will hear me
hear all my words I needed to say,
While I was out by the bay
losing my way,
Sometimes I think about all the time
We spent walking around on white sand,
Kissing where I stand,
But time grown thin,
What we had is now something of the past
There is no way of getting what we had back,
I look around watching the seagulls fly 
And play on the banks;
While the ships are out on sea;
I can remember when your hands touching mine,
You grasp on to me so smoothly,
But I could see by the way you were looking at me
Something was terribly wrong,
I watch the words slowly at play
coming out of your mouth 
trying to easy my pains of yesterday’s blues,
I know by the way you were looking at me 
You were about to leave;
But I never said a word to stop you,
But that is when I realized;
My world was never the same;
all I have now is the rain and more pain,
my emotions started climbing all over my soul 
like poison ivy;
I hold you to blame for the cruelty you gave,
But I also must say, thank you for the love 
I had never known until you left me alone,
The dark lairs are deflating;
You fill my words with love and emptiness all at once,
Oh, how I feel the loneliness of solitude,
The isolation behind cold brick walls;
My sadness is written upon every sea,
Oh, you left my heart to bleed like ink,
Now I want you to hear all my words 
I wanted to say on that sad gray day,
You cut me deep;
All my time you have been away
I weep for this pain you left me in to go away,
The wind of anguish is always at my side,
The hollowness of the crying wind,
Sounds like my empty heart
With an unusual pain,
You come to me in darken dreams,
Oh, how you love to see me scream,
You come to me like an angel of light,
Then you change so quickly;
You knock me over with all the lies you tell,
You give me a world of hell,
Yeah, did that ring your bell?
You listen to an ancient voice of pain,
you brought it my way;
you made a path for me to walk on
that you cast rose dust into the night air,
blood of ancient supplication,
where love is only a game you play,
You say the right words,
You put deep emotions in my heart,
You even made me feel 
you were my true companion,
But then I find out it was all a lie,
You had forsaken me, 
You gave love a very bad name,
Oh, how you turned it all around
And started blaming me for everything,
rain showers started rushing in,
Then you take me by the hand,
Saying to me; Come follow me,
even the sea was in anguishing pain
the waves are moving and rolling around 
playing with the crying wind;
Oh, how your words stained my heart,
While you were breaking me down,
Your evilness made my life a mess,
You made an endless story out of us,
I written each day and night down
for the world to read;
You put my heart in a necklace of pain,
You keep it around your neck like a charm.
I have so much I want to say;
But you already know every word.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery


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