The Closed Curtain Show

The real me isn't all that pretty,
it isn't something someone
would want to see,
so I keep it locked up inside,
hidden deep within where
it's sometimes hard for even me to find.
I like to wear a mask of sorts 
for fear of what people may say,
and I make sure they don't know
it's sometimes hard to make it through
another day.
I always wear a suit of armor,
to protect me from cruel
comments that come my way,
so it appears as though I am unaffected,
but deep down I'm crushed by what they say.
I never let my soft side show, for fear
of being taken advantaged of,
or simply looking weak and fragile,
like a broken-winged dove.
It's easier to put on a charade,
and let the games continue to play,
than it is to let people know
that is takes a closed curtain
to hide what's backstage
in order to go on with the show.


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