Yes, I have a mask. I know you do, too.

Your insides shine like the summer sun; your ideas could change the world.

But you're scared, just like me

Of what people will say when they see.

Everyone wants to be loved, so why hide?

Because you’ve been burned.

Why stay down and be quiet?

Because you’ve been told your voice doesn’t matter.

Why keep the curtain closed?


I have been free. I know you have, too.

Your curtains were mostly open.

People could see inside but not see all.

Some stayed, some left.

Most left. But, that’s okay.

The people who stayed let you see in.

They accepted you.

They became part of you.

Why would you keep the curtain closed?


I have been hurt. I know you have, too.

The ones that were like your reflection--

Yep, the ones who were part of you

--They were the ones.

You showed them the deepest parts.

They beat you down, broke your mirrors

They slashed the drape you had opened and ran.

And, like a princess in a tower

You keep your curtain closed.


I have felt alone. I know you have, too.

The curtain is closed but the light drifts in through the holes.

You want to look, I do too.

But, along with the laughter and light

There’s crying and pain.

You see backstabbing and lies.

You realize that circle of people

Is fickle, shallow, and terrifying, but you still want in.

Should you keep the curtain closed?


I have been trapped. I know you have, too.

Your curtain is suffocating you

But outside is scary.

You bide your time

Distract yourself.

But, you want out.

But, you want to stay.

Someone reaches to you.

Maybe, this curtain shouldn’t be closed.


I have had hope. I know you have, too.

Someone else came.

They want to see.

They want to help.

They want to fix your curtains and keep them open.

Open…what a funny word.

“Open – adjective. Allowing access through an empty space; not closed.”

You want that.

You don’t want the curtain to be closed.


I have been free. I know you have been, too.

You go outside again.

There are people waiting for you.

They smile, and it’s genuine.

And, this someone, this one person, is with you.

They aren’t leaving…

They help you when you fall

They look at your depths and show you theirs.

Why would you keep the curtain closed?


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