Climbing the Ladder of Life

Young and curious
Learning to fake feelings
Young and furious
People called friends bullied me
Young and hopeless
Facing demons but not knowing a thing
What were they called
And why weren't they phsycially present?

Youngless the more I question the world
What was happening
At home a tragedy making me feel cold
Why do I keep crying
Why do they keep yelling
These scars have become old
Youngless the more I become understanding
Depression is a war.

Older when I self-care
Loving myself when they told me don't
Friends who want to see me tear
Same friends I told to go home
Focused on who and what matters
Not scared of being alone
Went to therapy for what hasn't healed
Like a plant, I have grown.

They told me I wouldn't make it
I told them they will
Immaturity holds those grudges
Maturity is letting go instead of standing still
Reflecting I'm not the same person
Realizing the child me is no longer real
I'm here now accepting grass isn't always green
Always growing knowing life's process has much to reveal


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