A Cliche Diverse Love

Dear,  Generic love,


generic poetry.


Same old cliches,  same old kocham ciebie.   Two worlds apart.  One broken heart.  Alas, I love you.  Aishiteru.   A fool  A tool  Play the part  Stole my heart  Do I love you?  Wo ai ni?   Heart is hurt  Eyelids sting  I endure this ain  Je T'aime   You lack ambition.  I am strong.  Say"Mi amas vin',  unless I am wrong.   My love for you, endless.  My heart, not strong.  I hope you understand.  I hope you see.  I hope that you, mi amor, will come back to me.   I wish to be with you.  I'm having second thoughts.  All I know is I love you  That's alot.  

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