What makes me me is a question that’s hard to answer, so I’ll go with the cliche

I’m more than a number.
Yea, you’ve heard it before, but not everyone seems to get the message.
I’m not defined by my 29 ACT, 4.7 GPA, number 2 class rank.
That does not prove my intelligence.
I’m not defined by my ability to hold a note, learn a song, draw a picture.
That does not prove my talent.
What makes me me is the passion that drives my avocations, the ability to think as an individual, using logic and reasoning to support my arguments.
What makes me me is the love that runs deep for those I do and do not know.
Once upon a time I was a bitter girl,
but then I was shown the world.
It’s an ugly place that holds promise.
Seeing that light, that love, the people that want me to succeed
Seeing that I’m more than others make of me 
Seeing that I’m exactly who I want to be. 
Fearfully made in His image 
I’m making my mark on history
What defines me can’t be put in a box or book 
I’m no archetype. 
You’d need more than a dictionary to see the real me, 
And the person I am today is not the person I’ll be tomorrow 
So what makes me me is exactly that:
I am not one but many.


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great words.




This is lovely. So so good. Thank you!

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