Clear the Storm (All I Need Scholarship Slam)

When the night comes and the world is at rest

I lie awake in my bed and I think.

I think about my broken heart

And the pieces I left at the shrink.


I’ve tried meditation.

I’ve tried counting sheep.

But instead my mind wanders

and my thoughts become deep.


I think of the pain that I’ve felt through the years

I remember the time I couldn’t hold back the tears

I recall the day where I gave into my fears

And then, I turn to music.


The music halts the chaos in my brain

It puts the brakes on that runaway train

It soothes my soul and eases my pain

I could not live without music.


On the days that are harder

And motivation is sparse

I listen to a song

That speaks to my heart


It expresses my feelings in the words I couldn’t find

It adds a smile to a day and some ease to my mind.


If not for music, my hope would be lost

My days filled with depression and exhaust.


But I am lucky enough to have music here

To help me on days where I’d rather disappear

To come into the storm and help it to clear

I cannot live without music.


As soon as I saw this poem, I knew about what I would write.

Music is my sanity without a second doubt; I need it in my life.

I know it will be there for me no matter the strife.

I cannot live without music.

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