Clear Once More

At some point

All of this

Will fade.

This, too, shall pass

And your best laid plans

Will go astray.

The road will curve,

The fork long behind-

You will question

And doubt

And lose, all the time.

The clocks will melt,

Your face will age.

Your fears will surface

And let loose your rage.

Friends will fall

Family will fail

And it will never, ever be easy.

Life is hard-

Make the most of it,

But take the safest route?

Take risks, live outside the box,

But don’t be different from Everyone Else?

How do we know how to live?

Where do I go from here?

And can I get through this?



What other choice do I have?

What else can I do

But survive?


Push On


In the end

We are all we have

And all we have done

And all we have made.

            In the End

            Refuse to Fade.


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