Classroom Traffic

Thu, 12/12/2013 - 17:53 -- NiceyB

Rushed into the classroom and I take my seat

Curious about this strange book on the desk so I had peek

What is this? "Zombies and the Dead"

I'm not feeling this class where is my bed?

Nobody is listening to the teacher talk about some community committee 

Ewww my knee feels sticky Oh no under my desk is Gum City!

This class is a hell hole

It's a horror movie written but untold

RING!! RING!! Time for class to start

I just want to leave after i do my part

What's that rumbling sound I hear

Its kids running to this class The kids are near!

All the kids are auguring "Move! I was here first!!"

Ugh is it time to leave yet? Where is my purse?

The teacher's face grew tired

One word she did not speak

"These kids are bad These kids are creeps!!"

I yelled to the top of my lounge

This class has been over stuffed since the bell rung

I can't learn under these conditions

As for as education my brain needs better nutrition

It's not fair for those who want to learn

Being surrounded by misbehaving kids is my concern

For myself I want the best

Education is important and that I cannot stress!

This class is a hole in the wall

No room to breathe This class is small

The teacher does not even care

The students are disrespectful, rude, and hate to share

It has to be about over 50 students in here crammed

That's It!! I'm leaving this classroom traffic jam! 






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