Classmates 2

He looked on as Carina jogged along the track
No matter how many times she passed him in the park,
She pretended not to notice him gazing at her
His thoughts went wild as she treaded the final lap
How he wanted to walk her to the changing room

He used to sit behind her in biology class,
But he did not make a pass at her like the other boys did
He just watched her go when the bell rang
She did not know the one whose heart loved her so
If she had suspected it, he would have admitted it

The coach had subjected her to rigorous training,
But the young lady was equal to the task
Carina was the most impressive girl on the team
She competed against the best athletes
And she became a gold medallist at the age of fifteen

She did her best in the Junior Athletics Championships
Cheerleaders danced and waved colourful pompons
While enthusiastic spectators shouted and applauded
He joined the standing ovation in the front row
She got an adrenaline rush as she approached the finish line

The following week they were back in private school
One day he waited for her in the library,
Poised to make a long-awaited move
He told her how he felt about her for the past few months
And he said he wanted her to be his girlfriend

Fortunately, he picked the right girl and the right moment
She told him that she felt the same way about him
Three years after graduation he became her husband
And he made her a very happy mother and wife

Two straight-A students found the love of their lives
The first time he kissed her lips, he swept her off her feet
They went from classmates to being a married couple
Sweet Carina gave her heart to him in the fall of 1998


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