A class with literature

Absolutes do not live, while questions creep from the floor,

a call to arms for brothers, who rush to the door

to find Truth, a white whale, elusive, and strange

to men and minds new to the game. 

"Who will lead us, blind and foolish, to a life more knowing?" Asked one lad.

A figure rose, and announced, "I will, if you'll give me your hand."

And more he spoke, unyielding, "Yet if I find one a commie, he'll hang from the ceiling."

So the students slunk forward, abashed, "What is the meaning of life, this act?"

The mentor spoke full of force, "It is for all of you to get off your ass."

This stirred up a frenzy of panic and wonder.

They set off together to gather their plunder.

No easy task this was, to please one so stern,

and yet the students scrambled and sought to learn.

Soon a year went by, no moment forgotten,

especially an impression of a lizard done often.

The students had argued, bickered and hissed,

until finally their mentor cried, "Well, what's the meaning of this?"

With all their fervour and scholarly works, still the students were dumbfounded or worse.

"Fear not, my fellows, for failed me you have not.

To question life, that is my lot."

The students cheered, the Truth still obscure,

but meaning and pride they could yet procure.  


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