To say the same,
I am droplets of rain
That fall from heavens to wander away.

Droplets of time amber green as can be.
Droplets of love so ever more seen.
And you promised me,

You promised me-
A kiss for pain
An ear for cries
A hug for sincere goodbyes.

Amid absence of heaven and hell-
Taunted me like a lipsticked woman
Reeling from her well.
I cradled myself in your palm and
Light grew dimmer with each touch.
The sky turned cold.

I trembled for warmth, and there I was across the road.
You held her by her hand,
Lucifer you've come again.

You looked at me.
A gaze like drunken razor blades.

And left a soul to ravenously starve to death.

You planted life in the core of my existence.
Gave a poor man gold,
A child the power of words when all alone.

Stars you blew into the abyss,
My darkness-
My whole goddamn sky.

The sun seemed to follow your every step.
You lifted an orchard from hell,
And to my presence brought it.
You burned it all again.
And my life- dropped it.

A dream, ah yes, I wish you have.
In which I'll miraculous die again.
And haunt you I will,
In the damned night.
For in the darken sky I shall take flight.

You planted orchards in my mind,
Roses in my heart.
Gave a ring to the bride
And in alters left her to die.

~Johanna Jimenez


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