The Civil War

A generation ago, one nation became free Though young in its nature it seemed to be Infected with woe, peace failed to last As bloody conflicts rose too fast Agreements, enemies rarely made Blood and dignity they abidingly paid Over countless souls holding no worth Forced into labor at their birth Riots continue to manifest Disagreements never put to rest Repelled in a contradiction Compromise was never a tradition One nation was brutally split The fire of freedom fights to be lit As desires lay down new borders The enemy lies within our own warders One bold move by the Wilmot Anti-slavery it had fought Through Congress, it didn’t pass A house divided, weaker than brass Henry Clay, one man had bade A new proposition so he made The compromise of 1850 To get a blind nation to see But two opponents had grown stubborn The antagonist was full blood southern They strived for their industry To continue fulfilling the cotton plea Rage explodes and blood is spilled The fighting men proceed to be killed But only one man wins the election With two houses in need of protection Convention was called in SC The angry state will secede 6 more states follow the lead All for slavery, they held their steeds War makes its break Two sides settled in hate Fields are lined with casualties No death was achieved casually Fighting encouraged with guns and muskets Through war tactics and design they made adjustments Bullets fly and soldiers fall The North storms through 10 feet tall Lack of industry, supplies began to run low Southerners overwhelmed with woe Triumph was evident, they had won The north would conquer under each rising sun One last time, Lincoln had spoke Emancipation was no longer a hoax Though revenge the South still sought In a theatre, Lincoln was shot Escaping was the killer, Booth Questioning the governments source of truth Two sides obtain a victory Each moment is passed on to history


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