City Thoughts

Lately I’ve began to cherish my life a little more than usual

When I breath I can taste the air

When someone talks I can feel their words

I am beginning to cherish every millisecond of time because time is the only measure that actually prove we exist

I cherish time because I can not get it back

I can not get the words unspoken

I feelings not felt

The laughter not experienced in my stomach until my abs hurt

The simple smile the homeless man on the sidewalk gives me back as I walk past spreading the joy I feel just for waking up

And every helping hand and finger I’ve given until my hands were too full but still not full enough because poverty still pollute our streets and our air

We breath that air everyday and have no motivation to clean it and it spreads

I cherish my life a little bit more because there is so much I can do with it

So much to do with the change that we just leave in the cracks of our floors and the creases of our couches

And the clothes that I just toss away while some child run half naked across the country or in this country , in our world

Our country ran by money from the trees that started out as a seed reminding me that you can grow from nothing

And as I sit frozen in the midst of all these suits and prada high heels, I’m dressed half decent and they still only notice the signs and the lights but not what’s shining right in front of them

OUR country, OUR world, shines so bright and we choose to still cut the light off on it. Flashing a flash in only the places that make us feel sure or better about ourselves.

But when those batteries run out, all we have is what’s left in the darkness,



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