City of Stars

Thu, 01/30/2020 - 01:12 -- esma



Streets with lanterns,

Sidewalks with kids playing games,

 Trash Cans with street cats.

Shadows of it’s tall, old, french buildings.

All hugging tight to each other, keeping the warmth


Did I talked about the nights?

The nights of the city of stars were melodical.

Bawls of drunks,

Shoutings from the street fights,

Songs from the clubs,

Singing of the buskers,

And the tallyman,

“Tomatoes! Red tomatoes!”

Talks of people walking-down the streets.

The nights of this city smelled like seaweed.


The lights of the shore on the other side of the sea,

As if the stars had landed there, the sea in between us

Felt like I could reach them with my hands.

Looking at that beautiful city, 

Worth everything else in the world.

Oh My Beautiful Istanbul

Smelled like seaweed.


Oh My beautiful Istanbul!

There was this smell in the night,

I’m not sure if it was coming from the sea or the stars,

But the night of this city smelled like seaweed.


This poem is about: 
My country


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