City Pity

The steps of strangers who wander at night,

lights that dim down in the mid morning light.


Zombies with ripped books run from class to class,

chasing the streets, they don’t need a signed pass.


Hovering around the city limits,

eyes pulled down, don’t say anything, ZIP IT.


The struggle of those with no place to go,

where would you go if you don’t have a home?


Menacing shadows will follow you down,

into the nightlife that will make parents frown.


No money, no job, no cooking from mom,

you’re on your own now, stop acting like a slob.


Ramen, and cheap wine for dinner each night,

doesn’t get any better than this right?


No parties, no drugs, no groovy shag rugs,

just disgusting dorm rooms, filled with gross bugs.


Do something productive or you will find,

that society will not be so kind.


Lives of poor men will not go unnoticed,

in fact we all make it our main focus.


Not to help, no, we really don’t want that,

we want to stare at all of them and laugh.


It doesn’t matter if they’re young or old,

I’m sure that outside, it’s not all that cold.


Menacing poverty, will start to rise,

while generosity starts to decline.


Begging for money is your only hope,

take it to the church and pray for the pope.


He is the only savior you have left,

but you’re not going to get him by theft.


Don’t worry poor man, you have the city,

to fall back on and show you some pity.


Menacing shadows will leave you alone,

and bright city lights will swallow you whole.



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