City life


Birthed by summer water pumping from fire hydrants - as we drown each other in laughter but that was before firefighters burnt down our banter with their wrench.

Bumping Biggie like Bad Boys in what we wished were Beamers, Benz & Bentleys. Listening to the barking bullies begging our big brothers to buy us time. I was built by bridges, buildings, bums and businesses

My culture was created by cracked concrete, Cheap candy and city cats that Hissed as I walked by. Covered my eyes from the crazy couple on the corner calling for change. I come from where they create creatures of the crescent.

Talking trash travels by the trachea of talkative teens. Time transpired into thick air. Twin Towers toppled to the ground as tears escape the eyes of my mother. Though I was just in second grade teachers taught toddlers what terror was. Taking trains to Times Square just to be tracked down by tourists to take pictures of their peace sign.

Pizza signs, Pepsi cola portraits, rest in peace murals put up by the people posted on the block for long periods of time so they could get paid. Police pushed my father down to the ground giving him new perspective on the pennies people picked up wishing on perfect days.

And I'm supposed to be rude.

Red lights run by red fire trucks roaring their warning for you to run. The roaming smell of reefer fills runny noses. Ringing of the telephone was reason to run your mouth on the latest street reports.

Spontaneously, sirens screamed so they could "save" someone instead they were swerving swiftly to save their spot waiting at the donut shop. The silent song sung to the sleeping baby. Sun burned. Sun kissed. And at night the sun missed the steady stream of SUVs slowly swimming over the sea.


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